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Your Clothes are Just As Important as Camera

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

As an outdoor photographer, the clothes you wear are just as important as your camera equipment. What cloths you wear determine how comfortable you are and how long you can stay out doors and take your photos.

If it is a bright sunny day in the middle of summer you do not even think about your cloths. They are only a fashion statement that you have chosen for the day. Life is good and you can linger as long as you want. Take as many photos as you want.

That immediately changes once the rain and cold weather come. If you have ever worn jeans or sweet pants in pouring rain you will know what I mean. If you cloths get water logged you start to get cold. You need to quickly get out of the elements to warm up.

Now a days you can buy quick drying pants and shirts. You can buy water proof rain jackets that breath and keep you warm. You may be soaking wet but with in fifteen minutes they will be completely dry after the rain stops.

Now that it is winter and the dead of winter, what cloths you wear are even more important then. in summer. The cloths you wear in winter are just as important as your camera equipment. You need good boots and mitts that keep you warm in -35 weather. Even with a winter jacket you need layers underneath to keep you warm. You need ski pants over top of your normal pants. You need to be able to pull them over your boots to keep the snow from getting in. When it gets really cold I will use both a wind proof tuque and a neck tube at the same time.

When I dress like that I can stay out in the cold weather for hours. I do not have to seek shelter after taking a few photos. Fashion conscious people will laugh at you but it will only take a matter of minutes to reveal who is dressed for the weather.

Just like I have to charge my batteries. Just like I have to empty my memory cards of the days photos to my computer . What clothes I wear and getting them ready for the next day of shooting is also part of my daily routine. What cloths you wear is just as important as your camera.

As always, thanks for the peruse. Feel free to drop you though or comments. Have fun shooting.

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