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Top Ten Places For Take The Best Photos at the Forks. #1

The number one place to get the best photos at the Forks this week is not so much a location as it is endless exhibitions. If you go to the Forks a lot there is always something new. A new sculptures, murals, art exhibitions and gardens.

All of these displays make for some great photography.

As all of these exhibitions are made by very creative people. When a creative photographer takes creative photos of these exhibitions, it naturally leads to great photos.

The good thing about always having some thing new is that you never get bored of a location. I guess it is a clever way of getting you to keep coming back.

Well takes for browsing the top ten best locations to get the best photos at the Forks. If you want to see past posts you can scroll through the list. Also here is a short video of all the photos I have taken of these creative exhibitions at the Forks.

A video of past exhibitions at the Forks

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