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Top 10 Places For Taking Photos at the Forks. #7

Another top ten place to get great photos at the Forks is the Oodena Celebration Circle. It is an amphitheatre built to observer the stars.

What makes this place such a great place for taking photos is the unique structures and the colours. The red bricks and all of the shrubs are flooded with lights at night. Making this a great place for getting some of the best photos at the Forks.

Like all places at the Forks it does not matter what season you find yourself in. This place looks stunning in all seasons and in any weather. I personally like to take photos here just after the sun sets so the colour is even more amplified.

Also if you did not know this little trick. In the summer, stand in the middle of the circle and yell something. Your voice will sound like you are using a microphone. Try it and you will be amazed at how it work.

The Oodena Celebration is a great place at the Forks for getting a lot of great pictures. It earns it's spot at number 7.

Here is a Coffee Video with some of the best photos I have taken at the Oodena Circle.

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