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Top 10 Places For Taking Photos at the Forks. #6

If you are looking for a unique view of Winnipeg, the top of the parking lot in the middle of the Forks is a great place to get arial photos of the Winnipeg.

The roof of the parking lot over looks many of Winnipeg's attractions. The city skyline, The Human Rights Museum, Esplanade Riel Footbridge, The CN Stage and Field and the Inn at the Forks. All of these can be easily photographed from the parkade roof.

Not only is there great views from the roof but on the way up there is also a lot of murals and art work on the walls. These can easily become back drops for your photos.

Another great aspect of taking photos in the parkade is that you can use it as a

shelter when you are taking photos in the rain. The parkade is a great place to take photos of storms coming through the city.

So if you are looking for the best places to take art photos a the Forks, the parkade and especially the roof is on the top 10 places to get the best photos.

Here is a Coffee Photos video of some of the best photos I have taken at the top of the parkade at the Forks.

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