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Top 10 Places For Taking Photos at the Forks. #4

One of the top ten places for taking the best pictures at the Forks is the old docks along the Red River. This place is probably less photographed by most people but offers you unique photos of the Forks.

All that is left of the old docks is the posts that the docks used to rest on. The posts are old and worn out. There is still ropes tied around them. The old docks are very photogenic all by themselves but when you add an amazing the background, The Esplanade bridge. It gives you a nice mix between the old and new.

When you take photos at this location, timing is everything. The red river can reflect the city lights when the water is calm. In winter you get amazing contrast between the light and the dark. Fall gives you an abundance of colour and a colourful sunset will make your photos even more vibrant. The old docks at the Forks is a great place for taking some of the best photos at the Forks.

Here is a Coffee Video of photos I have taken at this location in different times and seasons.

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