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Top 10 Places For Taking Photos at the Forks. #10

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

# 10 The Big Tent

The big tent that covers the skating rink at the Forks is a dominant icon of Winnipeg. It is at the centre of all the action at the Forks. It easily earns it's place for the top ten places to get great photos at the Forks.

In winter, the skating rink is dripping with colour. The pillars that hold the structure and the posts are very colourful. Then they add even more colour with numerous flood lights mounted on top. This place truly becomes a winter wonderland that you will be naturally drawn to. Everyone will instinctively pull out their cameras to capture the moment as they enjoy this magical place.

Not only is the big tent a great place to take photos at in the winter but it remains photogenic in every season. In summer the tent become an outdoor eating area. A place for buskers to perform. A place for you to sit and have a coffee in the shade. A delightful oasis in the middle of a big city.

If you are new to the Forks or have been here all your life, the Skating Tent in the middle of the Forks is on the top ten places that you will want to take your photos at when you are at the Forks.

When you have so many photos it is hard to include them all in a blog post. So here is a Coffee Video Photos video of some of my best pictures taken from this bridge. Feel free to share and Enjoy!

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