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Thoughts on Florida

Things I found interesting about Florida that I did not know.

New Environmental Issues.

We all know the earth is warming and that there are changes in our environment that are making our life difficult. In Florida the biggest evnvironmetal changes are rising sea levels and the amount of rain they get during hurricanes. Flooding has become the new norm.

But there is another issue that Florida is starting to face. Sea weed. Lots and lots of see weed. Some beaches remote in remote areas of Florida you just cannot go near. The stench of the sea weed piled up and rotting is repulsive. In the popular tourist beach locations locals are forced to deal with it to save the tourism industry. In Hollywood Beach they have started to use tractors that plow the seaweed under the sand every morning. It does not remove the problem but it makes it more tolerable. The water is still full of seaweed and the waves deposit it on the beaches all day. It sticks to you while you swim and you have to look for clear openings to go swimming in. The seaweed is becoming a huge problem.

That is what I found interesting about Florida and I did not know about until I went there. The once pristine beaches of Florida are not a perfect as they once were. Every person from Florida is quick to point out that this is a new problem.

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