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Thoughts on Florida

Things I found interesting about Florida that I did not know

The Sticky Sand!

We all know that Florida has white sandy beaches. Most people travel there just for that reason alone. One thing that I found interesting that I did not know was how sticky the sand was.

If your skin touched the sand it stuck to you. Which is normal but even after you brushed it off there is still was sand stuck to you. It is like you could not get rid of it. After a day at the beach there were showers for getting the sand off your feet and body by the boardwalks. After you used the showers you would feel like you had all the sand off you. Until of course you get back to your hotel and had a real shower. I found the sand was still stuck to me. Just rubbing off with water did not work. I needed soaps and a good five minute scrubbing.

By the end of the week out shower and the floor of our hotel felt like the beaches out side. It did not matter how many times you swept the floor or cleaned the shower, there was always sand. When you got into bed you would have to brush your feet off. When you woke up there was sand in the bed.

One of the things that I found interesting that I did not know about Florida was the sticky white sand.

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