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The Story Behind the Photo #2

In the first story behind the photo post I shared the picture that inspired me to start seeing my photos as art. In this story I am going that share my first amazing art photo I captured.

The summer that I got my first digital camera is the same summer that we went to the mohave desert in Utah. We stoped at Zion National Monument and decided to hike up Angel's Landing. A very cool hike that I highly recommend. The days get really hot the in summer so decided to climb it early in the morning. As we were getting close to the top the sun was starting to rise. A ray of light came through a canyon and landed on the cliff that you see in the picture. I was looking at it and it looked like a face of chief to me. Out came the camera and here is the picture that I took.

For me this picture is the motivation that made me want to get into photography. It was my first good art photo. It opened up a whole world of artistic possibilities. It was not your typical point and shoot photo. It was bordering on art.

It is hard to compare my recent photos with this photo. It is not as clear, crisp and the resolution is no where near what I can get with my DSLR camera but this photo has a place in my heart. There is a story behind this photo.

Years latter is did come back with a good DSLR camera. I came back with years of photography experience but I could never get the light to look like it did at that moment. It was taken at the right day and the right time.

Well, thats the story behind this photo. As always thanks for the peruse.

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