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The Ability To Get The Shot You Were Unable To Get Before

A fisheye lens gives you the ability to take photos that you were unable to get with a regular lens. Some places are just hard to get a good photo of. An example is this fire sculpture at the Forks. I have never been able to take a good picture of this sculpture until I used a fisheye lens. The sculpture is close to a fence and when you try take a photo of it with a regular lens you can only capture part of it. As the fisheye lens lets you get as close as an inch of a subject, it is easy to capture the whole sculpture, and all of background. Plus it adds a little unique warping. Giving you a very unique photo can not get with a regular camera lens. Very quickly you will see that a fisheye lens opens up a whole new world of creative photographic possibilities. You start to look at all your favourite places in a new light.

Well, thats it for this post. Drop any thoughts or comments below. Thanks for the browse.

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