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Thank You Winnipeg!

I would like take the opportunity to thank all of those who plan, setup and maintain the skating trails and lights at the Forks. Thank you for the artistic wonderland that we have come to enjoy over the years.

This year more than ever your hard work has been most needed. Your work has been immensely appreciated by Manitobans. Since most businesses and entertainment places were running at limited capacity, there was not a lot for people to safely do in Winnipeg. More then ever we needed a place to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. You created an amazing place for us to enjoy! Thank you!

As a photographer I am naturally drawn to the Forks; there is so much colour and so many interesting things to photograph. There is so much creativity and energy put into your designs and displays. I have been inspired to post videos and pictures of your handiwork for years and especially this year. Thank you for making such an amazing winter wonderland for us to enjoy.

Winnipeg is famous for our cold winters. But the cold has never stopped all of the winter activity. Every day the workers are out there getting ready for all of the people who come. Everyday Manitoban's come and enjoy what you have created. Even when the weather dips into the minus thirties. From myself and behalf of all people who have come to the Forks, thank you! Keep up the good work. It is appreciated.

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