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Story Behind the Photo - My First Inspiration

If you look at this photo you might say nice photo and never think any thing further about it.

But this photo has a story behind it.

I have never been into photography. I only took photos on disposable cameras at birthdays or snapped a few when on holidays.

I bought my first digital camera just before going on holidays one year. We wanted the ability to get some good pictures when we were on our holidays. Also not having to develop film really appealed to me.

We were heading down to Utah to explore the desert. We stopped off at my mom's house in Swift Current. They had a tire swing setup in the backyard. My daughter was swinging on it while I was bragging about my new digital camera to my family.

I turned and took this picture. I looked at it in the view finder. The light was pouring in. The branches were framing the picture nicely. My daughter was posed in such a way that was not the typical pose. It was at this moment that it dawn on me. Photography is Art.

I know art. I love art. I have always been good at art. I made knives, painted pictures and did cartooning. As soon as I made the connection, how I took my pictures changed. I started to apply all the rules of art to my photos. I stopped just taking snap shots and started to pursue the art in photography. I guess the rest is history.

The story behind this picture is that is was the moment that started off all of my photography that I have done over the years. If I had not taken this photo maybe I would never have started pursuing photography. Well thats the story behind the photo. As always thanks for the peruse.

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