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Reflections on Camera Bags

I got a new camera bag for Christmas this year. I think this is about the sixth I have gone through since I started photography. I am very hard on my equipment because I am always out in the rain, snow and if it is 30 degrees I am sweating like crazy. My camera bags take a beating. When I am done with them there is no reselling them to someone else.

I do have one small camera bag but most of my camera bags have always been back packs. I need to protect and carry my camera but I also need to carry cloths, food and water. The back pack needs to be strong and have good shoulder straps to carry all the weight. So big camera backpacks work the best for me.

Even when I go to work, I bring my camera bag with me. Photogenic moments happen quick and it is very nice to always have your camera with me. I may not pull it out every day but there are times when it takes me a long, long time to go to work because the world is so amazingly beautiful. If you want to get into photography I would highly suggest bringing your camera with you where every you go to. It seems self explanatory but that is what photographers do.

If you are looking for a camera I would suggest not focusing on a specific brand but on how you are going to use it. What is it you need. Second thing to look at is the camera bags quality. The cheaper you buy the sooner you will have to replace it. This principle it true for cameras as well.

On a side note I know it's not good to compare yourself to other photographers but I am always in awe of photographers who's camera bag and equipment is in mint condition. They wipe everything down and clean it before the put it back in their bags. That just does not work for me. Usually when I get back to the car after a photo shoot I am on my last leg. I just barely made it out alive. Usually I am out of time. I stuff the camera in the bag and run. It is only when I get home that I take the time to clean it. So to those who can resell their camera bags, I am in awe of you.

The main reason I need to get a new camera bag from time to time has nothing to do with them wearing them out. A though the do look a bit beat up. I stop using my camera bags because the zippers always go. My closet is full of camera bags with broken zippers. Maybe we could get someone to design a more durable zipper. That would fix a few things in my life. Well thanks for the peruse. Keep on shooting!

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