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Niterider Lumina 900 Boost

If you have been following my Dark Of Nigh Fat Bike Photos, the lights on my bike are the

Niterider fLumina 900. I got this set for a Christmas present. I have been riding in the dark for years. So have any sort of light is a vast improvement to what I had.

I did check out the product before hand but you always hold your breath when ordering something of of Amazon. A photo can be deceptive with a photo. Now that I have tried it, I am very pleased with it.

In this blog I thought I would do a review on this product. If you ever wanted a light for your bike this is a great light for you.

For me to use a product it has to work. It has to work every time because I use it all the time. Any Gopro, camera, drone or bike light is used every day and until it comes to the end of it's life.

The biggest thing that I like about this bike light is that it works. It has never run out of juice on me. Even on it's lowest setting the light is more then bright. The back red light is blinding. You have the option to both lights to make them brighter but I never use those option.

I have not tried it in extreme heat but I have put it through the motions in the extreme cold. I have been out riding in -35 with howling winds for hours. It has not let me down no mater what kind of weather day is before me.

The Lumina 900 comes with straps that stay on your bike. They are made to quickly snap on and off when biking or charging. It makes it very convenient and easy.

Another thing I really like about the Lumina 900 is the built in battery. You can change it by USB. As I work with computers, it is easy to find a empty USB port.

The last thing I like about the Lumina lights is that it makes my bike look very photogenic. I

am a photographer. I just naturally started to take pictures of my bike while I was out riding. It has turned into a project in which I am starting to get hundreds of photos of. I'll post the link to the gallery below.

Over all I highly recommend this light for your bike if you are out at night. So far I have found nothing that I do not like about it. I am sure you will enjoy it too.

As always thanks for the peruse.

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