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Interesting Side Effects No one Talked About

When researching about a fisheye lens, you get lots of information of aperture, focal length, cost and quality of the lens but there was a hidden feature that no one talk about. An interesting side effect other then the obvious circular warping.

When you take photos with a fisheye lens and you are facing the sun or any bright light, all of the lights come out with a six pointed star. I am sure that there is a scientific explanation for how that happens but I am sure it has some thing to do with the curve of the lens.

I am not complaining about this effect as it adds a very nice touch to the photo. It makes the photos even more interesting. The funny part is that you do not even notice it at first. It is only when you start to compare your photos taken with a different lens do you spot the difference.

So if you are buying a fisheye lens, you will want to know all the cost, the features and specifications. Now you will know that it also comes with an interesting side effect.

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