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Insanely Close

Ever since I have tried a fisheye lens I have held to the belief that the fisheye lens is more then just a fun lens. A fisheye lens can easily become your main lens in nature photography. It is that good.

Today I want to bring the point of how insanely close you can get to your subject. The lens that I bought is an 8mm lens. With that short of a focal distance you can get as close as an inch to your subject and still get your picture in sharp focus. With my 18mm lens I had to be carful not to get to close as it would make my foreground out of focus. That problem is fixed with a fisheye lens.

When you start to take pictures with a fisheye lens you start to realize that you can get closer. Also the closer you get to your subject the better the picture seems to get. The more intense it becomes. Kind of weird how that happens but it is true.

The other interesting thing is that even when you do get insanely close to the subject in your picture it does not look like you are that close when you look at the photo. It just looks normal.

I love the fact that about the fisheye lens. It has opened up a whole new world of creativity that I could never get before. If you are into nature photography I would highly recommend tying one out. I am sure that in a very short time it will become your primary lens.

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