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Infatuated with my GoPro Camera

I have used a DSLR camera for years. It has all the bells and whistles and gives me full control over the camera. I am very proficient with it. In fact you could say I have mastered it.

This year I purchased a GoPro camera. I have been pursuing videography as much as I have been pursuing photography.

At fist I was only using the video capabilities of the GoPro. I did not need another camera. However, I hit a few situations where my DSLR had the potential to get wrecked. Like on a canoe trip. As the GoPro is water proof, I was forced to leave my good camera at home and only took my GoPro.

Along with all the video I took on the trip I also took a few photos. I was immediately intrigued by the fisheye look to the photos. It was something different and new. It did not take long and my intrigue turned into infatuation.

Now I know that the GoPro does not take as good pictures as a DSLR camera. The is not as many settings to play with. But there were certain instances where the fisheye lens took a way more appealing photo then I could get with my regular camera.

I started to ask my self is there a way to take pictures with the GoPro so that you cannot tell what camera I am using. Except for the fisheye look to the picture of course. Is it possible to take just as good photos with the GoPro as you can with the DSLR cameras.I guess it is the question and the camera that I have become infatuated with.

When I started using the GoPro as a camera I naturally just applied all of my knowledge of the camera to the GoPro. I know the rules of art. I know how to setup good compositions. I know how to add light when I need it. I have may different techniques I pull from to take HDR photos in extreme light settings. The GoPro does not have a lot of settings to play with but it does give me just enough control so I can achieve the pictures that I can can take with my DSLR camera. So not having complete control over the camera was not that big of big deal.

The pictures I am taking with the GoPro are good but just like the photos I am taking with my DSLR camera I am always trying to improve and out do what I did the day before. Let see how far we can take this.

That is my new infatuation. My infatuation that will hopefully spur me on to greater things. As always thanks for the peruse.

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