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In Shape For Photography

You don't always think of photography as a physical demanding job but in nature photography being in shape is very important. In one photo session I may do hundreds of squats when taking my pictures. It takes a lot of effort to climb mountains, to hike miles out on the ice. The more in shape you are the easier it is.

I am not going to lecture you on getting in shape. We are all at different places in our life. You can be young or old. We all have different health issues we have to deal with. Some things we just can not change. We all have different body types. Tall, short, big and skinny. All these factors effect our ability to take pictures.

I remember teaching photography to a bunch of really tall students. When I looked at their photos all them looked like they were taken on top of a roof. I suggested to them to try and take their photos from different angles. When I showed them how to capture the worms eye view with the camera, It took a horrendous amount of effort to get as low as they could to the ground to take the picture. I had never thought that being tall made it hard to take certain types of pictures. What you have been dealt with in life is what you have to use. We just have to accept it.

Although we have to accept who we are it does not mean that we can not improve on who we are. Just as we can work our photography to get better we also can work towards become the best version of our selves we can. Just as photography is a way of life, getting and being in shape needs to be a natural part of that life. It is important not to compare your self to others. It is better to compare where you have been to where you are now. That will keep you on the right track.

Being in shape as a photographer is important. When there is a beautiful sunset, a majestical storm that is approaching, when stunning mountain lies at your feet, you can capture this amazing world we live in with a simple photo. A simple photo that can easily be shared with others. That in turn may inspire others in many ways. As always thanks for peruse.

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