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I Have a Dream a Fisheye Dream

In the past few years I have had this idea that a fish eye lens would be perfect in nature photography. Most people think of a fisheye lens as a fun lens not as a lens that you do your serious work with.

Last year at the start of the covid pandemic I bought a GoPro. I thought making nature videos would keep me busy through the pandemic. As I would take my videos sometimes I would make a mistake and take a photo instead. I loved the fisheye photos that the GoPro took but the quality of the photo was never as good as a professional camera. The idea of using a good fisheye lens in nature photography started to take hold in me. I always felt that a fisheye lens would be a perfect match in my nature photography.

This year I made the plunge and actually bought a fisheye lens. Not a cheap purchase but I was on a mission. I had a dream. My plan is to use a fisheye lens so creatively that It would change how every photographer looks at fisheye lenses.

It only took me a few photos shoots and I started to realize the potential of a fisheye lens. What it can do is amazing. What I plan to do over this next year is to blog all of the tips, tricks and things that I have learned from using this lens. Not only as a way to show off all the new photos I have taken but to inspire other photographers that a fisheye lens truly has the potential to be your primary lens as a nature photographer. Check in for more posts as I have a lot of ideas. Thanks for the browse see you again soon!

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