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GoPro in -30

I bought my first GoPro in spring 0f 2020. I bought it to keep myself busy during the covid pandemic. I am very please with the camera and have been using it daily. I have been taking video of all the places that I have been exploring.

Winter this year has been unusually warm, so I have really not put the GoPro test in cold weather until after Christmas. Every photography knows that when it gets really cold cameras freeze up and batteries die quick. You always see the skier using these Gopros when they are out skiing on the mountains. I thought maybe they would do better in the cold because they were built for it.

The day finally came. In Manitoba the day always comes. This particular day it was -31 plus the wind chill. A good day to test the GoPro in cold weather.

It did not take long before the battery started to die quickly. On top of that the buttons would freeze. Making it hard to start and stop recording. When I hit stop recording button it would jump to photo and time laps settings. It was clear that the GoPro does not work very good in cold weather. Anything lower the -15 it starts to act weird.

As always you have to adapt to your surroundings. I did not drive three hours to Steep Rock to come home with no video footage. What I started to do was put the GoPro in my arm pit of my jacket to keep it warm. As I would walk to the next place to take some video I would use that time to warm up my hands. That system seemed to work. It also seemed to clear up the buttons freezing.

The GoPro does take some amazing photos and videos. Here is a link to the video I made from all the footage if you want to check it out. But be warned if you buy one and take it skiing in cold weather you might need a lot of batteries or store it in a warm location when you are not using.

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