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Dark of Winter Fat Bike Photos

I have had a few people asking me what is with the photos of the bike? I thought I would give you a reason behind the how, where and why behind the photos

When Covid hit in the spring of 2020, I bought a GoPro to keep my self busy during the pandemic. I have been taking nature video all over the province of Manitoba and posting them on Youtube as Coffee Videos. I am hoping to expand this to all over the world as soon as the pandemic is over. You can find links to these videos in the above menus. Coffee Videos allows you to enjoy the nature your favourite place from the comfort of you living room on your big screen TV.

Any ways, for Christmas this year I got a bike light. Winter in Manitoba is a very dark season. Having a bike light on my bike made it so much easier and safer as I was out doing my thing.

I did not take me very long to notice that the bike was very colourful with the lights. I intentionally took a photo with the bike in it. The photo turned out nice. I took a few more and soon it bloomed into a full grown project. "The Dark of Winter Fat Bike Photo of the Day." I post them on social media. I have a gallery on my web site and have put one one Coffee Video on all the photos I have collected.

All of the photos are taken on a GoPro camera. I do that because I like the fisheye look in the photo. GoPro's are not the best with low light photography so all the photos are taking in a highly lit places in the city. The bike lights not only add more colour to the photo but they also provide even more light as well.

It is interesting one thing leads to another. The spin off of doing this Dark of Winter Fat Bike project has also led to another project. As I spent more and more time in down town Winnipeg, I started to notice all the homeless. I found I could not just keep driving by with out helping them. So every morning when I load up my camera gear into I my backpack I also bring bunch of lunch bags for the homeless. As I take my photos around the city I pass the bags out to those who need them.

That the story behind the Dark of Winter Fat Bike photo series. Hopefully you have enjoyed the photos and they have given you a bit of hope. Feel free to drop any questions of comments and as always, thanks for the peruse.

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