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Coffee Videos

When ever you go into nature you feel at peace. You feel whole and renewed. As a photographer I get the same feeling when I am looking through my photos. It was a simple steep to want to see my photos when I was not out exploring the world. The problem was how to do that.

I have printed out a few photos and put them on my wall. Printed photos are good but they have limitations. You have to be in the room where they are hanging and if you want to show new photos you have to keep printing and hanging them on your wall.

A few years ago they used to have these picture frames that you could could put your camera chip in and the electronic frame would display your pictures. The concept was good but the frames were awkward and small. Now we have these smart TV's. If you are like me I have a huge big screen TV in my house. It has the ability to access Youtube. Now my huge TV can be used as a giant picture frame to display all of my photos.

What I do now is post my videos on Youtube. I put them in a nice format with music. Then I like to watch them when I am having my coffee. I brings me the same feeling I get when I am out in nature. To me the coffee and the nature videos just seemed to blend so well together. That is whey I call it Coffee Videos.

So if you are not able to go out and explore the world. If you have to go to work every day but you want to have that feeling of being one with nature, you will love Coffee Videos. The videos are all organize according to location and season. If you want to see nature videos of you favourite location, just grab a coffee (Tea might work too.) and select the location you want to see. Sit back and enjoy the peaceful easy feeling.

I have two channels devoted to these videos. Coffee Videos and Coffee Photos. One is strictly videos of nature and the other my best nature art photos. Feel free to share them with others and subscribe to the channels if you want to be notified when new ones come out.

Here are the links to the different channels. Thanks for watching!

Coffee Videos

Coffee Photos

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