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Can't Tell It's a Fisheye

I have been talking about how the fisheye lens is more then just a fun lens. In nature photography I belive it has the potential to become your primary lens.

We all know that fisheye warps a picture. Most of us when we see a fisheye photo it is easy to tell it is being used. Especially if there is that black circle around the outside of the photo.

The interesting thing about a fisheye in nature photography is that it is a lot harder to tell when it is being used. As very little in nature has a straight line a little warping only seems to enhance the photo. It looks normal.

The enhancing part is hard to put into words. The photo looks normal but there is something different about it. The fisheye lens has this way of making people stop take a second look. The photos look edgy, dynamic and interesting. That is a good thing if you are a photographer. The longer people look at your photos, the more they are drawn in the better. It would seem to me that a fisheye lens in nature photographer is a very valuable asset.

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