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2021 Year in Review

Even with the pandemic a lot happened in my photography world in 2021.

The biggest new thing for me was buying a new fisheye lens. I love that lens and it has infused new life into my photography. Now I have to revisit all of my favourites sites to capture a new way of looking at them. You can check out my galleries and social media sites for examples.

The second newest thing with my photography was the switching of Photoshop with the new Affinity Photo program. It took my a while to learn it but it too has taken my photography even further then I thought could go. It is amazing. I would highly recommend this program to any photographer. The biggest bonus is you do not have to buy a monthly subscription. The second best thing about this program is that it is allows me to take my photography even further with the tools they offer. Who would have thought.

The third newest thing in my photography world is that we are starting to print my photos. We are working with galleries to get a few shows going. Hopefully this year. We are setting up a gallery in our house in case you want a private showing. Also I have begun working on a book series. "The hidden treasures of Manitoba." Hopefully several of those books will be ready by next Christmas.

In the year 2021 I did more photography then I have ever done before. The pandemic gave me a lot of free time. There were no restrictions on taking photos in nature by yourself. We did get to squeeze in a trip to Vancouver and Saskatchewan. Which was nice.

The last thing that happened in 2021 was the taking of this picture. I have always wanted to capture a photo under the Old Pinawa Dam. This year our canoe trip took us there. I was finally able to capture what I always knew would be a good photo.

So all in all 2021 had it's problems but in my photographic world it was a good year. Took a lot of good photos and I learned a lot of new stuff. As always thanks for the browse. Feel free to leave a comment. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy taking them. Happy new year.

Here is a gallery with some of my best photos taken in the year 2021.

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