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2020 Covid Year

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

We all had big plans in 2020. We all had to change our plans in 2020. I was planning a trip to Peru and Vancouver. Both of these trips had to be canceled. Covid kept me from seeing my Mom at Christmas and in the summer. For most people 2020 was not a great year.

However it was not all bad. For me not being able to be with people freed up a lot of time. Although I could not travel out side of the province I had a lot of time to visit many places in Manitoba. I was able to produce over a hundred coffee videos and took a lot of good photos. It gave me time to work on my platforms and get organized. I now have new focus and a direction that I am heading.

The second silver lining of Covid had to do with others. Normally I would I would go explore and be all alone in the great outdoors. Since Covid has happened, I have never seen so many people out enjoying nature. I have never seen so many people out with their families. That is a good annoying thing. It is good that families are spending quality time together but it is annoying because I do not get the whole place to myself any more.

To remedy this problem I have to go deeper and deeper into the back country. Which is also good because I discover new places that I have not been before.

Yes I would love things to get back to normal. I would love the freedom to take pictures outside of the province but the pandemic has not been all bad. There has been a silver lining in it. Hoping for a good 2021. Have a great new year!

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